About – Pruna



Pruna distillery and winery is located in the village of Vuković, nestled in one of the most picturesque areas of Serbia, between Golubac and Kučevo. For the magic that lies in our bottles, we can thank the mighty blue Danube, which flows nearby through the Djerdap Gorge on its way to the Black Sea and carries with it a secret that gives this region perfect vinegrowing conditions.

The village of Vuković has been known since ancient times for quality brandy and wine, handcrafted by its inhabitants for generations back. They kept their vineyards and orchards even in the period of intense industrialization and preserved tradition which stands as a core of their identity nowadays.

Therefore, Slobodan Ilić, the owner of Pruna winery and distillery, decided in 2011 to draw upon knowledge passed down from generation to generation, as well as state-of-the-art technology, to blend authentic aromas and flavors of Eastern Serbia into wine and brandy which are now right in front of you to taste.


Back in 1934, grandfather Bogica was well-known in Vuković and the wider surrounding for his pot still used for production of famous Grandfather Bogica’s brandy. Thanks to his knowledge of the brandy production , Grandpa Bogica travelled across Eastern Serbia with his pot still loaded on a horse-drawn carriage and produced brandy. It was the main source of income for the Ilić family. At the same time, he also dedicated his time to grow vineyards and orchards, from which he obtained golden fruits and grapes used for wine and brandy production for family needs. After the end of the Second World War, the restoration of the country became a priority. Unfortunately, this did not include replanting of the vineyards.

With industrial development, gradual relocation of rural population to the cities began, where they found employment in factories and industrial plants. During that period, wine production took place in large cooperatives established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Serbia. As for individual producers, they faced nationalization and confiscation. The land was also taken away from the monasteries. Individual producers were in an extremely difficult situation due to ban on wine trade directly to consumers. In his childhood, Sloba’s father played in the yard near the pot still and listened to the lessons of the elders on how to make good brandy. Beginning in 1951, he also dedicated himself to producing brandy and making wine, and thus continued the family tradition.

The Law was introduced which completely restricted production of wine by small vinegrowers. Hence, vinegrowers could only sell their grapes to large industrial wineries, illegally sell wine to neighbors and relatives and consume it at home. With this law, large wineries gained a monopoly on the market, and they dictated the purchase price of grapes and thus put vinegrowers in a difficult position. This led to clearing of vineyards and transition to more profitable agricultural crops.

The history of winemaking and brandy production in the Ilić family could not escape the fate of the entire wine region.

Meanwhile, Sloba’s father emigrates with his family and starts a new life abroad, constantly dreaming that once he retires, he will return to what he loved the most: vineyards and orchards in Vuković.

He did return, but his dream of orchards and vineyards was made true by Slobodan. In addition to successful work in the tourism sector, Slobodan has never stopped feeling close to the soil of Eastern Serbia, which bears the best fruit and vines. That is why in 2011 he decided to breathe new life into the family tradition and to apply everything he learned from his father and grandfather since childhood and pair with modern technology. As a result, a whole range of Pruna brandies and wines is in front of you today.


Our vision and mission is to convey through our fruit and brandy to you the secret kept by the surrounding hills, and possibly known solely to the Danube. We would like that our products awaken in you the memories of childhood, flavors and aromas of Serbia, bring its people, climate and culture closer.

Using modern technologies in the entire production process with knowledge passed down from generation to generation, consistent insistence on quality and with a sincere intention to give you a true experience of Serbia in a glass, we produce fruit, brandy and wine that will satisfy even the most demanding palates with their organoleptic properties and quality.

We are determined to show our country, our fruit and our people through our products. Dedication to work and respect for nature allow us to offer you at all times top quality and authentic products made in Serbia.