Winery – Pruna




The Hungarian philosopher Bela Hamvas beautifully described importance of the choice of wine. He said that “the law of drinking is like the law of love: anytime, anywhere, any way. But as in love, all circumstances are equally important in drinking. The season and part of the day should be chosen to match wine’s nature. There is wine for laziness, seductive wine, narrative wine, tragic wine. The greatest insensitivity, for example, is to drink dramatic wine at a joyful family lunch. It is equally tasteless to drink unbridled wine at an official wedding ceremony. When you are alone and outside, always look for the right perspective. Wine loves height and a good view, it likes to look down.

”Wine has the property of being versatile, it has a hundred faces, and it is precisely this quality that has fascinated humanity since the time of the ancient nations. Since the time of Marcus Aurelius Probus, the nations of this area have been trying to discover the secrets of winemaking. Wine and vineyards are part of the life cycle. Despite all the turmoil, we have preserved the tradition of growing vines. Over the last two decades, Serbian winemakers have managed to raise winemaking on an equal footing with top wine producers from across the region.

Nowadays, Serbia is both a wine and brandy country. Serbian traditional cuisine cannot be imagined without these drinks. Contemporary Serbian winemaking has returned to the paths of former glory and stories about Serbian wines deserve to spread as far as possible.

Our contribution is reflected in the fact that we choose indigenous varieties that are best adapted to our climate, so the products are all the better. Transformed into wine, they bring an innovation of taste that is reminiscent of the nature from which it originates. State-of-the-art technology gives the wine its final form, so the wine reaches you with all distinctive colours, aromas and flavors.


Pruna vineyards belong to Braničevo sub-region, which is located within Mlava wine region (East Serbia). The young vineyards stretch on a plot that has long been called Vinogradarsko Brdo (Vinegrower’s Hill) in the village of Vuković (Klenje).

Gently undulating plateau slowly descends towards the Danube without exceeding an altitude of 270 meters. Predominant soil type is limestone sediments in combination with eutric cambisol. The following varieties are planted in the vineyard: Prokupac, an autochthonous Serbian grape variety, Black Tamjanika as well as Pinot Noir. The young vineyard plantation covers an area of 2.4 hectares.


Pruna Winery has a clear goal in its work: we use modern technology to transfer features of the grapes into our wines in the best way. In order to reach that goal, we need suitable mild climate, but also dedicated and systematic work in the vineyard and cellar. In the production section of the winery and in the barrel cellar, wines of Pruna Winery are made under the supervision of our oenologist Radovan Djordjević, PhD.