Plum brandy PREMIUM 0,7L – Pruna

Plum brandy PREMIUM 0,7L

Plum brandy PREMIUM 0,7L


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The light amber color of PRUNA ŠLJIVA Plum Brandy in a glass indicates noble influence of oak aging. The smell is pleasant, intoxicating, fresh. The aromatic profile is dominated by fresh plum, vanilla, herbs, cinnamon, oak. A full, harmonious taste that is further rounded off with a sweetish impression. As the flavors develop, the tones of plum are complemented by hints of dark chocolate, oak, vanilla, cinnamon, citrus. The plum brandy leaves an overall soft and drinkable impression in the finish.

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Weight1.57 kg
Dimensions9.7 × 9.7 × 22.8 cm


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